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This award is presented to ZAMBIA INSTITUTE OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH in recognition of being the Most Reliable ZAMREN member institution in the category of Research and Anchor Institutions 2021

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Energy Democracy – Visit to Chunga Camp Mini-Grid

Deployment of alternative renewable energy technologies like mini-grids in Low and middle income (LMICs) remains critical towards increased energy access in rural communities and the overall attainment of a just carbon transition. Establishing energy needs of communities requires a participatory approach where roles are inclusive, both environmentally and socially as well as gender sensitivity. The …

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Charting the Recurrence of the Cholera Outbreak in Zambia

By Liana Chikwekwe 28th February 2024 Zambia has been grappling with a severe cholera outbreak since October 2023. As of February 2024, over 20,000 cases and over 690 deaths have been reported since the outbreak. This has contributed to a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 3.4% and exceeds the World Health Organization acceptable benchmark for …

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2024 Budget Analysis

Download all Latest Publications Latest Publications pdfThe Road to Zambia’s 2020 Sovereign Debt Default Size: 6.02 MBHits: 60Date added: 26-02-2024Date modified: 26-02-2024 DownloadPreview pdf2024 Budget Analysis 2024 Size: 9.48 MBHits: 84Date added: 03-01-2024Date modified: 03-01-2024 DownloadPreview

Emerging Themes

The Emerging Themes Unit researches on various interdisciplinary and cross-cutting issues relevant to policy and sustainable development. The Unit provides sound policy analysis and research in areas such as Climate Change, Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development.

Human Development

The Human Development Unit researches in areas of poverty, education, health, labour markets and other social sectors. The unit provides a resource base on objectively researched policy issues in the social sector in Zambia, and to build capacity in social policy analysis, especially in Government and the private sector.

Public Finance

The Public Finance Unit’s overall goal is to improve public policy for growth through policy analysis and research. It focusses on the analysis of public expenditure management, domestic and public external debt, and tax policy.

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