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This award is presented to ZAMBIA INSTITUTE OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH in recognition of being the Most Reliable ZAMREN member institution in the category of Research and Anchor Institutions 2021

The IMF Country Representative meets ZIPAR

On Monday, 8th April 2024, ZIPAR had the honor of hosting Mr Eric Lautier, the IMF country Representative and held a productive discussion on Zambia’s economic landscape. Dr. Herrick Mpuku, ZIPAR’s Executive Director, expressed gratitude to Mr. Lautier for taking the time out of his busy schedule to engage with the think tank and discuss important economic issues facing the country.

The discussion covered updates on Zambia’s economic situation. Mr. Lautier praised Zambian authorities for their commitment to IMF program objectives and forecasted positive growth for 2024 despite challenges like the cholera epidemic and drought. Energy supply shortages were identified as a potential factor hindering growth and causing internal and external imbalances.

The second focus was on Zambia’s debt restructuring. Mr. Lautier acknowledged progress with bondholders and official creditors, awaiting bilateral agreements from individual governments. He further stated that conditions agreed upon may be reviewed based on Zambia’s debt capacity and IMF staff review outcomes. Engagement with commercial creditors, particularly Chinese development banks, for debt restructuring was also noted.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to continue engaging in economic discussions and potential collaborations between ZIPAR and the IMF.

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