Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research


This award is presented to ZAMBIA INSTITUTE OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH in recognition of being the Most Reliable ZAMREN member institution in the category of Research and Anchor Institutions 2021

Staff Members

Emmanuel Muma

Research Fellow II - Trade & Investiments

Margaret Mbewe

Associate Researcher - Macroeconomics

John Mututwa

Research Fellow II - Transport & Infrastructure Development

Kalemba Mpandamwike

Associate Researcher - Trade & Investment

Sydney Sihubwa

Associate Researcher - Human Development

Malonga Hazemba

Associate Researcher - Emerging Themes

Zambwe Shingwele

Associate Researcher - Transport & Infrastructure Development

Jones Bowa

Public Finance

Mungela Lubinda

Human Resource Officer

Charity Besa


Malita N. Kabukabu

ICT & Systems Administrator

Beenzu Puta

Business Development Officer

Gabriel Zulu

Assistant Accountant

Emily Moseni

Executive Assistant to ED

Alex Matowe

Head Driver

Bilex Bileya


Vivienne Zulu

Office Assistant

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