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Emerging Themes


The Emerging Themes Unit researches on various interdisciplinary and cross-cutting issues relevant to policy and sustainable development. The Unit provides sound policy analysis and research in areas such as Climate Change, Energy, Gender, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Mining.

During the year 2023, the Unit planned to undertake the following studies:

1. Transition pathways towards inclusive climate compatible growth (CCG): modelling, futures and decision making (TRAP-ZM)
2. Energy Democracy and the Politics of Energy Transition in Developing Countries
3. The Impact of Chinese Infrastructure and Industrial Investment in Zambia
4. Scaling-up Renewable Energy in Zambia
5. A Review of Zambia’s Contributions and Subscriptions to International and Regional Organisations

Emerging Themes Research Team:

Mulima Mubanga, Malonga Hazemba and Esther Chilala

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