Cost of repaying high government debt is hitting ordinary Zambians as social sector spending is squeezed

An increase in government spending on debt-interest payments – which take up almost 1 in every 4 kwacha that the Government raises in domestic revenues - has squeezed spending on social services such as the public service pension fund

A New Chapter: FOCAC Meets Belt & Road Initiative

by Nakubyana Mungomba

In early September, Beijing is set to host the 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit. Since its establishment in 2000, FOCAC has been the main engine driving Sino-African cooperation.

Do Speed Cameras Improve Road Safety?

by Malindi M. Chatora and John Mututwa

Drivers in Lusaka will now have to exercise extra caution when driving following the deployment of roadside speed cameras by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Zambia Police.

China courts ZIPAR for measures to enhance cooperation with Africa

ZIPAR hosted a high level delegation from China led by former Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda H.E. Shu Zhan, flanked by the former Chinese Ambassador to Zambia H.E. Yang Youming on 19 March 2018.

Copperbelt jobs hit hardest by Economic Slowdowns

The threatened layoff of 4,700 workers by Mopani Copper Mines following a contractual dispute between the company and the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) is reminiscent of the economic challenges which hit the Zambian economy in 2015 and led to massive job losses on the Copperbelt, including about 4,300 at Mopani.

The Stand-off on Mining Energy Tariffs

by Mwanda Phiri and Caesar Cheelo

In the recent stand-off between Mopani Mines and CEC, one is compelled to take sides. In picking a side, we carefully consider commercial sensibilities on the one hand and on the other hand, good business ethics underpinned by sound moral practices that take into consideration the operating business environment.

Lack of access to clean energy and secondary school education are part of the biggest contributors to poverty in Zambia

A new report highlights the importance of "Multidimensional poverty as a basis for formulating poverty reduction policies".

Lack of access to clean Energy and secondary school education attainment remained part of the biggest contributors to acute poverty in Zambia in 2014.

Where do jobs come from?

By Caesar Cheelo and Mwanda Phiri

"Nifunako Nchito ba-Boss banga!" [I want a job, my Boss!] How often have you heard these or similar words? What do you think your response would be if someone walked up to you right now and asked you for a job? Do you think you would be able to help them get a job?

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