The Urgency of Urban Public Transport Reforms

By John Mututwa and Malindi Chatora

In 2017, the Government through the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) announced its intentions to reform the public transport sector. In part, the announcement was made against the backdrop of urban public transport problems such as poor service quality,inefficient route configuration and unaffordable passenger fares characterizing service provision in most urban centres in Zambia.


Gender imbalances in Zambia’s labour market: Why it matters

by Tamara Billima-Mulenga

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Africa Human Development Report 2016 estimates that gender inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa on average US$95 billion a year which is the equivalent of six percent of the regions Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Africa is not achieving its full growth potential because women are not fully utilized.


Actualise diversification in 2017

By Joseph Simumba and Caesar Cheelo

ZAMBIA IS STRUGGLING to accelerate economic diversification. This challenge calls for serious policy action as there are now only 13 years to go before the due date for the Zambia Vision 2030. Economic output, employment and foreign trade are all concentrated among a few sectors and over a narrow range of products and firms.


Institutional Brief


ZIPAR is a Grant-aided institution under the Ministry of National Development and Planning.

Working towards the fomulation of sound public policies.


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